Reference Acutus Design


Not a company to make changes for the sake of change, the Acutus turntable remained unchanged in production for over 10years, offering one of the pinnacles of vinyl reproduction. Mechanically the main turntable remains unchanged, except for the recent improvements to the suspension, allowing adjustment from above making initial and subsequent set up quicker and easier.

The standard Acutus power supply is effectively an analogue two channel integrated amplifier, each channel supplying a fixed frequency output to each phase of the synchronous motor used. AVID uses high torque synchronous motors across it's entire range and the Acutus is no exception, using a motor more than 10 times the power of conventional turntable motors, whether AC or DC types.

This extra power means the motor drive is in control of the platter and not hoping its inertia gives stability. The sophisticated standard power supply absolutely controls the motor which in turn controls the platter, one reason AVID's have rock solid sonic presentations.

With a desire to improve the already world class sonic abilities of the Acutus we looked to the controlling force of the turntable to push further the engineering envelope that is analogue replay.


Three years in development, the new Acutus Reference Power Supply has elevated the performance of the Acutus to superlative levels, even leaving experienced listeners of the Acutus in disbelief.

Like an audio amplifier, the standard Acutus psu has pre-power amplifier and input power sections. The main development in the new Reference supply has been the input power section, by increasing the standard 80va transformer to a massive custom made 1000va. The inclusion of a regulated power stage and a specially designed electrical reservoir of 190,000mF, employing custom designed capacitors and hand wound braded cables added to this engineering exercise.

During development we soon realised other electronics had to be included to make it possible to use in a domestic environment. It took a year to develop circuitry to stagger the 45amps of in-rush current during initial switch on without being detrimental to performance.

Built into a chassis of 3mm thick steel for structural rigidity it has become an electrical powerhouse of unprecedented levels.
The effect, a much more stable power source with reduced electrical impedance for the motor drive.

Everything has improved, bass and treble extension, lower noise floor, detail and control. Soundstageing, dynamics and shear realism.

Is there still more improvement to be realised.....only time will tell.



: Analogue two channel motor controller


: 33.3 and 45.0 RPM

Net Weight

: 20.1 Kg (45 Lbs)


: 415 x 350 x 140mm (WxDxH)

Voltage input

: 100-240vac 50/60Hz 300 watts max.

Mains transformer

: 1000 VA

Electrical reservoir

: 190,000mF

Power supply

: Regulated


: 710 x 490 x 270mm

Shipping weight

: 25.0 Kg (55 Lbs)

AVID reserves the right to improve or change its products without notice at any time.