Sequel Design


AVID's first product, the much-acclaimed Acutus turntable was followed shortly after by the Volvere. Incorporating the development ideas of the Acutus in an affordable package.

While the Volvere is an exceptional turntable, especially against its rivals within its price category, there is a massive sonic difference between it and the Acutus. Our aim was to introduce something that would offer some of the sonic benefits of the Acutus within the Volvere package, but importantly offer Volvere owners an easy upgrade route.

An instant success with the press, it was 'Product of the Year' with UK's HIFI Choice magazine.


Essentially the Sequel is derived from a Volvere unit, but employs a much more powerful motor and external power supply similar to the Acutus. To avoid repetition in this section we'll deal with what's different about the Sequel rather than a full design explanation. For that, refer to the design page for the Volvere , however to recap; the design principles are to remove stylus borne vibration from the record, ultra-low mechanical noise, rigidity, isolation from structures and speed stability under load.

One of the main design differences between AVID and other brands is they use weak motors and heavy platters; we use powerful motors and heavy platters, but always making sure the motor is the dominant force. With the correct power supply we can assure speed stability. The Volvere has excellent speed stability, especially noticeable with piano music, but it lacks the dynamics, bandwidth and drive of the Acutus. In music, notes start and stop and when they do this it causes the platter to slow. If this is very bad it becomes noticeable as wow, the majority of time it's not obvious.

With the Sequel we employ a much more powerful motor which has a better controlling influence on the platter. Instantly dynamics are improved, as the start and stop of notes become more apparent.

Because the motor and drive system has more control of the platter this also has an effect on the subchassis, which in turn controls suspension movements. This leads to reduced surface noise, which means general background noise is almost eliminated due to the better arm/cartridge stability. As a result bandwidth is increased; i.e. more bass and treble extension, with improved clarity, precision and better stereo focus and stage-sounding. Altogether a massive improvement.

In past years several turntable manufactures have switched to DC type motors, to make 'performance improvements'. The real reason is that they cannot buy the AC synchronous motors anymore as their supplier Papst has stopped making them! During the development of the Acutus we decided to use high quality AC synchronous motors and have used commercial high precision motors. With the Acutus the motor is stripped down, many parts being discarded or replaced and rebuilt to improve performance. The Sequel uses the same motor but to save cost remains unmodified. Performance is still exceptionally high when used with its dedicated and matched power supply, although not quite as good as the Acutus!

Powered by the same state-of-the-art, split-phase quartz-locked custom designed power supply as the Acutus, motor speed remains precisely constant. With the extra power, platter control is even more secure, just like the sound it creates.
As with all our products, 'proof is in hearing' and we are sure you'll hear the difference.