Celsus Stereo Amplifier

The Celsus Stereo Power Amplifier is a perfect partner to the Celsus Pre Amplifier.

Keeping to our 'cascading down' approach this is a directly scaled down version of the much larger Reference Stereo Power Amplifier.
We have even employed the same circuit board layout to maintain proven superior reliability even when driving difficult loudspeakers.

Whilst this is an unbalanced design the inputs allow for RCA and XLR, so balanced cables can be used from the pre-amplifier.
As with our larger amplifiers the power supply is highly specified, employing a massive 1.5KVA mains transformer.
There’s no shortage of power when required with 188,000uF of storage capacity, so even the largest crescendos are scaled.

In common with our other amplifiers, the power delivery is very wide bandwidth, so low frequencies are faithfully reproduced.
Voices have a startling reality, stability and space around them, making the musical experience captivating.
Whilst there’s immense power there is also control and a delicacy that allows the inner detail to be fully revealed.

Naturally all the metalwork and circuit boards are produced, and hand assembled within our own factory based in Huntingdon.
Like all our other products, all aspects are checked, and a minimum fourteen days continuous testing carried out.

Built to the same exacting standards as all our products, the Celsus Stereo Amplifier will command your attention through your loudspeakers.




: 150W      @ 8 Ohms

Harmonic distortion

: TBC (80% power 8 Ohms 1kHz)


: 2x XLR         2x RCA

Mains input Socket

: IEC C14 Type

Mains input Cable

: IEC C13 Type


: 4 x Gold Plated High Current

Loudspeaker Impedance

: 4-16 Ohms


Input voltage (region dependent)

: 115V or 230V AC

Power Consumption (Max)

: TBC Watts No Signal Idle

: TBC Watts Clipping 4 Ohm Load


Dimensions (including output terminals)

: 469 x 458 x 196mm (wxDxH)

Net weight

: TBC Kg (TBC lbs)


: 590 x 550 x 240mm (wxDxH)

Shipping weight

: TBC Kg (TBC lbs)

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