Platform Reviews

October 2008 Richard Black, Hi-Fi Choice (UK)

"AVID is best known as a manufacturer of turntables-its beautifully made vinyl spinners have a high reputation for performance, build quality and reliability. The company also makes a small range of accessories, including this simple platform.

It was originally made for a turntable called Diva which had a motor in a separate housing and was, therefore, a pain to move once set up (although no current AVID models fall into that category, there are plenty from other makes that do.) But the Platform is more than just a flat surface, as it features vibration isolation in the shape of four feet.

Made of a very soft grade of Sorbothane rubber, they're quite effective at blocking audio-frequency vibrations, and incidentally are quite tacky and hold fast to whatever surface they're placed on. The product is also available in light ash.

We tried the Platform under a couple of turntables, one suspended and one not, and found that it made a major improvement to the latter, tightening up detail and stereo images considerably and reducing bass 'bloom' by an appreciable degree. A microphonic valve amp also benefited, while CD players and solid-state electronics gained a shade of extra precision.

The AVID is a smart and worthwhile investment, especially for owners of unsuspended turntables.

April 2008 David Price, Hi-Fi World (UK)

"Whilst there are lots of such devices on the market now, this one is notable for having been developed in conjuction with Cranfield University..."

"The idea is, or course, to place your hi-fi component, whatever it may be, on the platform, which duly isolates it from ground-born vibrations and - to a lesser extent - damps the air born ones too, thanks to its particular mechanical properties. As electronics are microphonic, and sounds better the freer they are from vibrations, the sonics should be better. The AVID platform comes in black or ash, and the review sample was superbly finished."

"Placed under a mid-priced CD player, the AVID Isolation Platform gave discernible improvements to the sound. Most noticeable was bass, which as well as being fractionally stronger was obviously more fluid and tuneful; removing the platform made things substantially more stilted, by comparison. The midband opened up somewhat, giving a wider and more three dimensional recorded acoustic, inside which instruments were more positively located. Treble gained a degree of sweetness too, making hi-hat symbals sound more natural, and seemed to time better also.

At under 200 it faces stiff competition from a range of other such products, but the AVID gives nothing away to any of them and is superbly made too.

November 2003 Richard Black, Hi-Fi Choice (UK)

"Platform is a wooden shelf on four sorbothane feet, which gives a degree of isolation from the enviroment for vibration-sensitive hi-fi equipment."

"...Sorbothane does a lot to damp vibrations and gives a worthwhile help to unsuspended turntables (Regas for example), especially atop a solid rack, providing a measure of isolation from structure-borne resonance and feedback."