AVID Screens

'Franklin & Bash'    Volvere gets the call

As some of the directors and staff of the successful Californication series take the helm at filming another hit series of Franklin & Bash, they have installed the same AVID Volvere Black along with Krell amplification. Viewing by a wider audience due to the better network time slots and will eventually be shown in the UK...keep your eyes open.

'Californication'    Season 4

A further season of the successful Californication has started filming and is due for release later 2010. We are proud that our familiar Black Volvere turntable has been specifically requested to be included by no less than David Duchovny. So far the cast for season 4 includes the usual suspects Ė Duchovny, McElhone, Handler, and Madelina Zima playing the ever mischevious Mia, but other names have been thrown around the Californication arena including Rob Lowe. Looks like another great season is coming and watch out for the AVID !!!

'Californication'    Season 3

Following from its world wide success, Californication has finish filming another 12 episodes for series 3 and again included the familiar Black Volvere turntable. David Duchovny stars as a troubled novelist dealing with drug and sex addictions who sometimes turns to music for comfort.
Music lovers around the world know how addictive AVIDís are.
'It's the difference between simply listening to music and experiencing it.'

'Jeff Cheung Movie'    Silver Volvere

Thereís not many distributors that would commission a short movie to promote their business and products, let alone enlist the services of an established regional star. Shun Woo however, the AVID distributor covering China mainland, Hong Kong and Macau has done just that and with stunning photography shows not only the products but also the inviting surroundings that guests would find on their arrival.       (view on You Tube now...)

'Californication'    Black Volvere

The first season of Californication premiered in America in August 2007 and saw its audience steadily grow, becoming one of the highest-rated series on Showtime, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CBS Corporation. Averaging the strongest tune-in level Showtime saw for a freshman series, it posted nearly two million viewers per week, which is the best season one average weekly performance the network has seen since 2004.

Californication has now screened in many countries around the world, giving great exposure not only to AVID but vinyl reproduction and high-end audio in general. Our special thanks to Krell Industries Inc., also used in filming, whose recommendation put our product forward.

Now on the heels of unprecedented audience and critical acclaim, the original series Californication, starring David Duchovny, has been slated to return summer 2008 for a second series, including the use of AVID and Krell equipment. So keep a look out for an AVID !!

'AMEX Advertising'    Acutus

Music Direct, our American distributor, was very proud to be chosen as the featured company in this new commercial for the 'Plum Card' from American Express. Its not every day you get to see half a million dollars worth of high-end audio equipment on a television commercial and with AVID taking the front stage, despite its badge being removed its clearly the shining star of the advert.  

'Greek Audiophile Club'    Chrome Volvere

It's rare to see a chrome finished Volvere at all, however one of only twenty-one ever made makes a star appearance in the twenty minute Greek audiophile movie. From the very start you know itís an AVID and the whole movie shows how passionate these people are about their hobby.    (view on You Tube now...)