Celsus Pre

Celsus Pre

Offering a truly engaging listening experience, combining elegant design with uncomplicated flexibility you have a Pre-Amplifier that makes every musical journey spine-tingling. 

Incorporating research derived from our flagship, a cursory glance shows Celsus flaunting the same versatile attributes and features.

Key Features

  • Fully Balanced Topology
  • Pulsare II Incorporated
  • Dual-Box Architecture

authentic sound

Safeguarding your treasured audio signal, we employ a fully balanced topology, incorporating the Pulsare II for an unrivalled vinyl listening experience. Exquisite touches like the silky-smooth feel of the volume adjuster, fashioned from our turntable clamp enhance ownership.

The same degree of scrutiny and obsession to detail is applied to the handcrafted electronics within to achieve nothing less than the ultimate in authentic sound.

Both Worlds

Both Worlds

With every component selected without compromise, the dual-box architecture screens the power supply in a  separate enclosure, protecting critical signals from electromagnetic interference.

Convenient controls offer quick adjustability with the capability of two cartridges being connected simultaneously, ideal for flicking between stereo and mono cartridges and enjoying the best of both worlds.

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1x XLR  1x RCA


48dB – 60dB – 70dB


100R – 300R - 500R – 1K – 5K – 10K – 47K


100pF – 200pF – 500pF


LESS THAN 0.001%


5Hz - 70KHz ± 0.5dB 


MM –81dB MC –67dB 


< -85dB 5HZ – 20KHz


2x XLR 2x RCA


5Hz—OVER 80KHz ±1dB


1x XLR  1x RCA


CONTROL UNIT - 469 X 484 X 196mm
PSU - 469 X 458 X 129mm (WXDXH)


PSU - 17KG (38Lb)

What's inside

Faithfully preserving the delicate signals being transmitted, this retains the fully balanced design topology of the Reference Pre. Every input and output are optionally XLR or RCA, especially the phono input so the benefits of the phono cartridges balanced output can be realised.

We incorporated the award winning Pulsare II phono stage, with its exceptional low noise and distortion, with convenient front panel controls operating relays for every adjustment so the precious signal never leaves the main circuit board. Offering quick adjustability with the option that two cartridges can be connected simultaneously, it is ideal for those with stereo and mono cartridges. Mono can also be selected, catering for the growing interest in this playback style, helping to reduce distracting background noise. A Subsonic filter reduces unwanted low frequency signal passing to the power amplifier due to warped records.

There are effectively four-line level inputs, 2x XLR and 2x RCA to cater for additional sources and two sets of main outputs allowing mono or stereo-amplifiers to be powered in either balanced or single ended configuration.

For the best musicality we have retained our own wound film capacitors with polypropylene dielectric developed for the Reference and employed the ultimate volume control, the ALPS RK50. After listening to countless alternatives, the importance on sound quality of using this expensive control cannot be understated. It truly deserves the claim of being the ‘King of Pots’.

Dual-box architecture ensures critical signals within the Pre are protected against electromagnetic interference emanating from the large 500VA mains transformer and with the dual mono capacitor reserve, gives the sound impressive dynamics and control.

Radiating quality with a scrupulous attention to ergonomic detail, every control is at your fingertips for precise and quick adjustment. From the silky-smooth feel of the volume control and wonderfully distinctive control knob to the phono stage with a multitude of permutations for dialling in the cartridge of choice. With 20mm solid aluminium front panels and thick steel chassis screening against environmental noise, you are assured of hearing even the smallest musical detail.