Reference Stereo

Reference Stereo

Possessing formidable power, unrivalled technology and a herculean appearance this amplifier delivers electrifying signals to your loudspeakers, transforming your music into a thrilling experience.

Key Features

  • Protection System
  • 2300VA Mains Transformer
  • 272,000uF of Storage Capacity
  • High Current Binding Posts


Low frequencies are faithfully reproduced without a whiff of constraint. Spellbinding vocals have astonishing reality and territory around them.

Monopolizing your leisure time, the addictive clarity and power of each musical note, riveting you into a state of blissful abandonment.

Highly skilled craftspeople take enormous pride in hand building each amplifier, scrupulously checking and testing every parameter, so your enjoyment is forever untroubled. 

Power on tap

Power on tap

Unprecedented power is yours to unleash, delivering an astonishing musical performance. Concealed within the crafted exterior lurks a gargantuan 2300VA mains transformer delivering mountainous levels of current to feed your musical hunger.

Accomplishing the largest crescendos turns into child's play with 272,000uF of electrical brawn just itching to be discharged.

Reassuringly cool, even under your most sustained inclination to blast away the cobwebs, it is gratifying so much power is on tap.

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What's inside

Importing components from the Mono design, such as the large solid copper busbars, bespoke polypropylene capacitors and matched output devices, the sonic performance offers explosive power and stunning transparency. With both RCA and XLR connections, balanced cables can be used from the pre-amplifier for the ultimate sound quality.

The massive 2300VA mains transformer and exceptional 272,000uF of storage capacity provide power for even the largest crescendos. The transformer is coupled to the chassis with dedicated metalwork to damp any mechanical vibration and is screened away from the main amplifier section. Heatsinks that allow for the 250W into 8Ω to run cool, even under exceptional loads and sound levels.

The impressively thick steel chassis supports the heavy mains transformer assembly and transfers any vibration away. Cloaked in our Reference mirror finished stainless-steel cover, clad in precision machined aluminium for its distinctive appearance. The thick aluminium front panel embellished with our unmistakable trademark, houses the protection system to keep your loudspeakers safe. Each amplifier has wheels for ease of moving the 68Kg and an there is optional dedicated isolation stand.



250w @ 8Ω


2 x XLR / 2 x RCA






115V OR 230V 


500 x 650 x 300mm (WxDxH)


68KG (150LB)