Offering a quality solution for audio equipment support allowing the heights and number of shelves to be tailored to suit your individual requirements. In building a hi-fi system that is capable of extracting the optimum performance from each component, the importance of the support system cannot be overstated.

Key Features

  • Vibration Diffusion Slots
  • Solid Aluminium Poles
  • Steel Isolation Points


Every shelf is profiled to dissipate vibrations and prevent standing waves from forming. Solid supporting aluminium legs with a unique ball contact point defuses vibration avoiding noticeable resonance peaks effecting the sound.  Available in either three or four leg configurations, each is machined to a hairs tolerance to ensure stability.

Quality finish

Quality finish

Purchased individually, each shelf simply stacks onto each other above the base section. Choose your shelf colour, choose your leg height and colour, assemble and stack, designing to your own requirements.

Offering the flexibility to add and change later, our support system can be constructed to match virtually any combination of hi-fi components and looking as good as they sound.



(overall) 649mm x 560mm (WxD)
(useable area) 530mm x 500mm (WxD)
(pole lengths) 135 – 165 – 205 – 245 – 305 mm


100 Kgs (220 Lbs)