Designed to the same extreme precision engineering standards as our turntables, every tonearm is painstakingly hand assembled with the trademark craftsmanship that you would expect from AVID.

Supporting your cartridge rigidly whilst playing a record is vitally important and the reason we have harnessed our bespoke hyper strong titanium arm tube and simply pushed rigidity to another level.

"NEXUS further ups the game"
- Christiaan Punter

Key Features

  • Hyper Rigid Titanium Arm
  • Micron Tight Tolerances
  • Adjustable Progressive Bias
  • Painstakingly Hand Built


Our rigid bearing architecture is paramount to delivering solid images etched in space, so each of its components are manufactured to unbelievably tight tolerances.

Nexus will astonish you with its ability to uncover previously camouflaged musical nuances with crisp clean clarity, outstanding solidity and precise superlative sound.

"this arm is outstanding"
- Andrew Simpson



Natural forces pull a tonearm, ever increasingly towards the centre of the record, which left uncorrected can result in a distorted sound.

Bias compensation is the mechanism that counteracts this, and our design, gradually increases the field of force as it gets closer to the centre, so your musical enjoyment remains constant from start to finish.

Our purpose designed low capacitance external phono cable reassuringly anchors into place using an superior right angled DIN connector and terminated with high quality gold plated RCA plugs. For purists wishing to embrace the naturally balanced output of a phono cartridge, the cable is also available fully balanced with XLR connectors.

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Effective Length:

233 mm

Mounting Distance:

‚Äč216 mm

Offset Angle:



17 mm

Effective Mass:

Medium / 18 g



Arm Cable:

Detachable 5 Pin DIN connector, RCA termination, 1.3M Length

Optional XLR termination, fully balanced

What's inside

The Nexus headshell is engineered with precision from solid aluminum, undergoes rigorous machining to ensure compatibility with the arm tube. To maintain optimal vibration transfer, weight reduction holes are omitted, avoiding potential sound distortion and preserving image focus and sonic solidity. This results in a more accurate representation of vocals and instruments, with improved depth of field in the three-dimensional soundscape.

The secure placement of the cartridge above the record is crucial for avoiding distortions or loss of audio information. Rigid arm tubes are essential in ensuring stability, reducing unwanted movement and preventing the disappearance or smearing of vocals and instruments. The Nexus features a bespoke titanium arm tube, manufactured to stringent precision standards. The GR9 grade titanium boasts a 1.3mm wall thickness, providing unmatched strength and resisting bending or torsion modes that could negatively impact sound quality.

The structural rigidity of the tonearm is crucial for preserving the accuracy of audio reproduction. Tonearm bearings, like turntable bearings, are critical to performance and impact sound quality. All AVID tonearms undergo meticulous manual construction and individual testing to ensure optimal performance. High specification ball race bearings are meticulously fitted and both horizontal and vertical bearing shafts undergo machining and grinding to exacting limits, resulting in minimal friction and precise movement in desired directions, thereby preserving sound quality.

Inner groove distortion is a phenomenon that occurs when centripetal forces during platter rotation pull the tonearm towards the center of the record, leading to an imbalanced stylus pressure on the groove wall and resulting in distorted sound. To counteract this, tonearm designs require a bias adjustment mechanism, which increases the force gradually as the tonearm approaches the center, compensating for the varying centripetal force. 

Our tonearm design incorporates a mechanism that gradually increases force to counteract the centripetal effect as the tonearm approaches the center of the record, providing a unique solution to the issue of inner groove distortion. This results in consistent musical enjoyment from start to finish, differentiating us from other tonearm designs that may not address this problem as effectively.