Acutus Reference Mono

Acutus Reference Mono

Instantly recognizable, the luxurious chrome finish and muscular appearance make the Acutus more than a timeless icon, it's a striking piece of audiophile art.

Setting you on a compulsive journey of musical rediscovery, so startling is the naturalness and intimacy of the sound, it truly enters your space and deep into your soul, leaving you reaching for the next record.

"Beautifully made, compact, easy to set up and maintain, the only reason not to want it is the high-end cost. Aaah..the price of luxury."    
-John Bamford 

Key Features

  • Twin Mono Power Supply
  • Unique Sapphire Bearing  
  • Vibration Tuned Subchassis
  • Frequency Adjustable Suspension

ultimate experience

Available in three tiers, with the Reference Mono standing as the pinnacle of performance, this product unabashedly presents itself as a luxurious indulgence, providing uncompromised excellence in vinyl reproduction without concern for cost.

Establishing a benchmark for musical reproduction that serves as an aspiration for others to attain, this product stands as the ultimate engineering masterpiece, crafted for individuals seeking the absolute pinnacle of the listening experience.

Beyond Imagination

Beyond Imagination

When seeking perfection, power is everything and the Mono is in a class of its own. The sonic gains are not a subtle subjective difference, but an immediately obvious improvement in all aspects that goes way beyond any expectation of what you thought possible from a vinyl record.

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33.3 & 45.0RPM








3 POINT SPRING Vertical 2.5Hz, Lateral 4.5Hz






HAND BUILT 24V 140mNm AC Synchronous




100-240VAC 50/60Hz 20 Watts Max.


Turntable (overall) 460 x 400 x 210mm (WxDxH)
Turntable (footprint) 410 x 360mm (WxD)
P.S.U. 500 x 450 x 240mm (WxDxH)


19.0Kg (42lb) turntable only
52.0Kg (115lb) psu only

Spec image

What's inside

Setting the Reference Mono apart from the other Acutus versions is the gigantic power supply. Most regard a turntable power supply as just that, a turntable power supply with little more thought, but just the size of the Mono PSU lets you know otherwise.

With a DSP controlled Pre-Amp the regulate and fine tune speed and Twin Mono Power Amplifiers independently driving each motor coil, the leap in sonic performance is nothing less than staggering. The difference is not a subtle subjective difference but an immediately obvious improvement in all aspects that goes way beyond any expectation.

Lower noise floor, extension of both bass and treble responses and a significant dynamic improvement surpassing the Acutus Reference model. But even more startling is the naturalness and intimacy of the performance as it truly enters your space and deep into your soul.

The Acutus Reference Mono SP is an unashamed indulgence that offers a no cost compromise at vinyl reproduction.

Our hand assembled high torque AC synchronous motor spins the platter up to speed within seconds. Ten times more powerful than conventional turntable motors, this provides the ultimate control and stability. With twin round section drive belts the suspension is free to move without inducing speed variations common with flat belt designs.

Our unique dual operation clamp is a critical element to the ultimate sonic performance you hear.

First operation grounds the record to the main bearing, allowing vibration caused by the stylus to pass into the subchassis. This reduces the noise floor of the record and vastly improves the sound you hear.

Second operation reflex clamps the vinyl flat to the platter surface, eliminating warps and air pockets underneath. The platter mat itself is a unique resin that reflects most vibration, keeping it in the record so it passes more quickly through the bearing into the subchassis.

The 10Kg Chrome plated aluminium platter is the focal point of the Acutus.

Secured with eight fixings, the 10mm aluminium disc which has had the resin mat cast and machined offers the perfect record interface. The mat reflects the most vibration except for very high frequencies, which after entering the platter body are rapidly constrained damped by the nickel and chrome layers.

The Acutus turntable features the lengthiest bearing spindle within our entire range. This spindle is meticulously press-fitted into the subchassis, securing it firmly in place. The innovative inverted design situates the contact point at the pinnacle so the bearing naturally has a low center of gravity.

At the upper end of the precisely ground and tapered spindle, a tungsten carbide ball comes into contact with a specially designed sapphire jewel. This ingenious pairing establishes a fixed bearing point, completely devoid of any lateral movement. As a result, the typical rumble noise often encountered in other turntables is virtually eliminated.

Furthermore, the self-lubricating sleeve employed in this design ensures that there's no direct metal-to-metal interaction during operation. This distinctive feature renders our bearing exceptionally silent and also grants it a maintenance-free quality for its entire lifespan.

It is critical for sound quality that the tonearm and bearing are rigidly coupled, any relative movement between them and information is lost forever. Our unique one-piece multi-fold aluminium casting provides maximum strength where required but allows for movement in non-critical areas, accepting the fact that nothing is totally rigid.

To eliminate the vibration from the record passed through the bearing, the casting is coated with a damping media of specific thickness so that both high and low frequencies dissipate with linearity and time frame, giving a neutral sound.

Our adjustable suspension system allows each supporting spring to be tuned to the same frequency regardless of the load. This means that either a single or twin tonearm weight of up to 3Kg can be accommodated and the suspension perfectly balanced. With an isolation frequency of 2.5Hz the pickup cartridge will not skip, locked into position with all external vibration eliminated.